Tips for tourists to travel in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the best cities in Vietnam with many interesting things such as best rooftop bars, Luxury Singapore hotels, street food, great home stays, etc. However, when you travel to any countries in the world. You should make a traveling note with great tips. Let’s discovering the best tip right now!

1. Tips for tourists’ health

Travelling the world can be thrilling. But travellers need to learned that looking after her mental health while away from home is as much about retaining good habits as picking the right travel buddy.

– Develop good sleeping habits:

Sleep is a big one. The occasional night without sleep won’t affect your health. However, if tourists miss more, this can make it tough to concentrate or make decisions. Some people may even start to feel depressed. Breathing exercises and a comfortable rolled up cloak supporting travelers’ neck if they are sitting up in a plane, train or bus. Some people prefer a neck pillow. If they struggle to drop off but they feel that they need rest. they should listen to a meditation app on phone called Headspace – there’s others such as Calm and The Mindfulness App available too. They shouldn’t drink tea or coffee because the caffeine, which stays in the body for hours, might keep me awake, and try to resist fizzy drinks for the same reason. Instead, they should drink chamomile tea and take at least one big water bottle on a flight. Air travel can lead to dehydration which can make it harder to concentrate or think clearly. Time zones and jet lag play havoc with sleep patterns. According to Weill Cornell Medical College professor of clinical psychiatry Richard Friedman, melatonin supplements can help body human beat jet lag too; in the New York Times, he wrote, “Travel east and you’ll need morning light and evening melatonin; go west and you’ll need evening light and morning melatonin.” When travelers decide to use melatonin, they need to know the importance of stocking up on prescriptions well before they travel.

Tips for tourists who travelling around Ho Chi Minh City

– Don’t forget your medication:

Tourists should use a mood stabilisers and now set an alarm for when they’re running low. If you’re on any kind of regular medication, buy a pill case with the days of the week on. Often with the excitement of seeing new places you can forget to take a pill but a case gets you back on track. Missing one might be okay but missing a lot could, in some cases, potentially trigger a mental health condition.

– Stay active:

Physical fitness is important too; a physical activity can be very beneficial for mental wellbeing. This is easier on trips to sunnier climes. For example, if you go to St Kitts and wake up most mornings in the hotel pool. A swimming pool is great for your mental health – refreshing, relaxing and fun, it gets the day off to a good start. It’s tempting to throw routine out the window when you’re travelling because you’re on holiday but it can help you stay balanced. If you usually run in the mornings it makes sense to pack your kit and keep it up.

– Eat healthy:

Other routines most of travelers like is to keep in place are daily meditation and getting their five a day. It’s tempting to try lots of rich, local food but you don’t need to do this at every meal. Breakfast buffets usually have a good amount of fruit, and I often opt for vegetarian or vegan options later.

2. Booking one of the best homestay in Ho Chi Minh City

With one of the luxury hotels or interesting homestays in Ho Chi Minh City, you get stylish, functional accommodations, and hosts who really do care about your experience. It’s why these hotels growing in popularity, especially in Ho Chi Minh City.

– Domino Homestay:

This is perfect for those of you looking to see a more authentic side of the city. The Domino Homestay is in the heart of a thriving community, which the hosts will gladly help you to explore. And don’t think you’ll be slumming it here, because there are numerous restaurants and cafes nearby for you to enjoy quality Vietnamese food. This is the kind of place for those who prefer quiet time with a book over rowdy drinking. Address: Tan Qui Dong Residential Area, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

– Singapore hotel in district 1:

If you are seeking a great hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Bay Hotel will be one of the best choices for you. It is located in the heart of city. There are bar and restaurant with Asian style and food. Propeller Bar is considered as the best rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City with a stunning view of bustling city below. You should book advance to get a exciting seat facing with Saigon River. This hotel is also close many tourist attractions, it is very convinient for tourists. Address: 7 Ngo Van Nam, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. >>> Information Contact with Bay Hotel:

Blues Jazz Studio:

The couple that runs this venue love jazz, books, and food. They’re close to all the major tourist attractions, but far enough away for you to also enjoy some quiet time. Whatever you want to do, the hosts have tips and suggestions for you. The room has a jazz theme, and their rooftop is filled with plants in the classic Vietnamese style. Great spot to enjoy your stay in Ho Chi Minh City. Address: Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

– 42 Nguyen Hue:

If you’re looking to stay right in the beating heart of this city, you won’t find any better location than Nguyen Hue Walking Street. From the City Hall and the statue of Ho Chi Minh all the way to the Saigon River, this area is the epicentre of tourism, finance, and culture in this city. At night, thousands of people fill the street to hang out and enjoy the scene. And the building itself, 42 Nguyen Hue, is a landmark in its own right – a holdout of classic Saigon architecture. The room and the host are lovely, but it’s the location that really sells this place. Address: Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

– Lovely city view:

The view from the pool is enough to include this stay on the list. However, the apartment itself is also well furnished and inviting. It’s only a few minutes from the downtown by taxi, and nearby there are cafes, local restaurants, and all kinds of interesting shops. But it’s the view that sets this place apart from the others. There’s nothing quite like watching this city at night. Address: Cau Kho Ward, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

A stunning view from the best rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City

– Domino Coffee Garden:

Didn’t we already have a place named Domino on this list? We sure did, but this onealso deserves to be on here. It’s a garden wrapped inside a cafe, a place for you to relax when the city gets too overwhelming. The cafe is a popular spot on weekends with locals, so you’ll also get a chance to meet people and find out about how people in the area live. This is a great choice for those looking to immerse themselves into a community instead of just tromping around the usual tourist spots. Address: Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

– Bunker B&B:

The hosts at the Bunker B&B pride themselves on quality design and culture. Their in-house restaurant serves great meals, and guests rave about the atmosphere. They’re in the popular Da Kao of District 1, which is close to all the tourist attractions and also jam-packed with exciting nightlife and restaurants serving international cuisines. As the name suggests, retreat to the bunker and relax in style. Address: Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

– Tha Antik Nest:

For pure adrenaline and excitement, you won’t find any better place in Ho Chi Minh City than Bui Vien Street. It’s where backpackers get wild and locals prey on gullible foreigners with more money than sense. Even if this isn’t your scene, it’s worth spending at least one night on Bui Vien to see it in action. But when the night’s over and you want to sleep, most of the options in the area are full of moronic drunks. That’s why you need the Antik Nest. This place is a beautifully furnished paradise lurking safely above the fray. Address: Pham Ngu Lao Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

– Homestay By Then Canal:

This house is perfect for those looking to stay in an actual Vietnamese home. The layout is quintessentially Saigon, with the parking area, stairwell and kitchen on the ground floor, and the bedrooms on the upper levels. Since most homes are narrow in this city – and most of Vietnam, really – they are laid out vertically. Aside from the lovely accommodations, the canal area is undergoing a revival at the moment. People used to avoid it because of the smell, but now it’s where many expats and hip Vietnamese choose to live. There are so many restaurants and cafes that you’ll probably have a hard time deciding, which is why you need wonderful hosts like these. >>>> Read more: Top best rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh City

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