Luxury interior of the Singapore hotels in District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City

One of the great things contribute to distinguish Singapore hotel in District 1 that is its interior and service level. The quality of service and interior of the Singapore hotels in central of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City will surely make tourists dazed by its luxury and high-end. Read on the information below to discover the beauty of Singapore hotel in district 1.

1. Lobby space of the Singapore hotels in District 1

With the needs of today’s tourists, the hotel focuses on building a lobby space that is not only beautiful but also convenient. In addition, to impressing customers by the large lights enough to provide hall space is always bright but not cause a glare. The lively scene is designed and arranged in a subtle way, giving the viewer a fresh feeling, most comfortable. For high-end hotels today, the halls are more elaborately decorated so that tenants can meet, work with partners or chat with friends to visit. Therefore, the hall space is always arranged by the hotel sofas, desks and multiple charger socket for convenient use when needed.

2. Flexible arrangement of furniture

Hotels today are more flexible in arranging and arranging interior in hotel rooms to avoid feeling boring to customers. Irregular arrangements are sometimes fun for consumers. Changing the location of some items or adding some new decorations should ensure that they do not cause inconvenience to the guest. Many hotels are also hard at investing in the interior design of each room, or each room will have its own style.

3. Relaxing in Bathroom

The demand of the majority of customers staying at the hotel is to find the feeling of relaxation, comfort during the stay here. Bathrooms that feature a spa are attractive to them. Interior elements and modern items are always invested by the hotel for customers to have the best experience.

Hotels that do not have bathrooms, such as the Spa, will often have an area dedicated to spa services – individualized body care. Typically, this spa service will be extended to cater to everyone, not just the hotel guests.

restaurant in one of the best Singapore hotel in district 1 in HCMC

4. Luxurious bedroom in a Singapore hotel

Luxurious bedroom in a Singaporean hotel in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City is sure to make you feel overwhelmed by its rates. Every time people go on business or travel away from home, the hotel is an indispensable place for them to rest and relax.

When choosing hotels, especially high-end hotels, people often rely on the quality of service and bedroom furniture as a criterion for choosing a place to rest, so hotels are always trying to invest in the thic section. The style of Singapore hotel in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City offers a variety of different bedroom décor styles, which will definitely give you a sense of adventure when you step into these locations.

Luxurious, luxurious rooms are considered as standard standards of hotels, especially luxury hotels in 4-star, 5-star or higher. Luxury hotel rooms are not only full of modern conveniences, but also require beautifully designed and modern luxury. The utensils, utensils used must be of the highest grade, to bring comfort, sophistication and luxury to the customer.

There are many different design trends for hotel bedroom furniture. Many hotels choose modern design style with modern furniture, luxury and smart. There are also a number of hotels that offer masterpieces of classical architecture, magnificent European-style palaces and palaces.

The standard of the hotel room is a large area, full of amenities, luxurious furniture and services that provide modern, fast and best serve the needs of living, relaxation and relaxation of guests stay here.

Depending on the general characteristics and architecture of the hotel, hotel owners can design their own bedrooms. A modern hotel will often enjoy a modern bedroom style. Modern from the color to the furniture used in the bedroom. Modern bed styles, cabinets, tables, chairs, wall paintings, floors, carpets, … all bring modern colors and styles.

If the entire hotel is designed in classic style like a castle, sparkling fanciful as the magnificent castles of Europe, the style of hotel room furniture is neo-classical style, with the The combination of color and interior fittings in the room highlighting classic architecture, striking color scheme and sophisticated interior design will be the best fit.

Depending on the purpose and the user of the hotel bedroom, the front desk staff will offer helpful advice on how to choose the color and lighting of the room to suit the customer. With hotel rooms for everyone, choose the room is bright enough, clean, light system used should be white light, so that the whole room when looking at will be a bright color, airy. And refined, creating a sense of excitement for the people.

With hotel bedrooms for couples, it is important to focus on the choice of colors and lights to the entire room. Usually the two most commonly used colors are yellow and red, to suit the newer air. However, sometimes the main light can change according to the preferences of the bride and groom, but still create the fanciful, romantic, warm and emotional effects for the room.

Not only limited to the normal bedroom style, the luxury hotel also wants to bring you the most relaxing, romantic and romantic space during your stay. The high-end Singapore-style hotel in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Bay Hotel will be the perfect place to bring you the richest and most enjoyable experience. We always try to improve ourselves with the desire to provide you a peaceful getaway after a hard day’s work in a business trip away from home, or the best resting place after the happy day. Class – quality – comfort is what we want to give you, the precious customer.

great view from Propeller Bar  which is one of the best rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City

5. Wide viewing angle, clear and clear

To free up space for rooms, hotels often use a lot of glass to expand the hotel space, so that customers do not feel confined in any space, toothpick. The expansion of this space also has the effect of saving energy for lighting.

In addition, the expansion of space allows customers to enjoy the panoramic view of the hotel in a clear way, especially in the rooms above. This is definitely a great experience that no one wants to overlook.

6. The restaurant with delicious food

Restaurant space is always focused on the design of the hotel to impress the diners. Depending on the style of Asian, European restaurants, … that each hotel is oriented to the layout of space to suit. In addition, many restaurants also apply the local culture in the interior design and decoration to bring new feelings to customers.

In general, hotels today are eager to meet the “personalization” criteria for their customers, so that they can feel every service, all the space created for themselves. And it is the interior design trends that will give the customer a “personalized” feel. Therefore, hotels in the central of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City always try to invest in their furniture is always the highest standard and highest quality.

7. Rooftop bar

A Singapore hotel is not lacked a interesting bar, especially, the best rooftop Bar. Most of the rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City has a stunning view of the bustle city below with many blaze lights. Travellers should choose a rooftop bar like Propeller Bar to experience a beautifull view of Saigon River. 

There are attractions on Propeller bar’s fabulous drink menu such as Bay On The High, Singapore Sling, House Spirit, etc. One of them, the bar’s namesake drink, The Propeller Cooler, is a special drink made with White Rum, Pineapple, Lime, Juice, Honey, Coconut milk; Mint leaves. It’s the sort of elegant cocktail. Besides, guests should try some Asian food as fresh spring roll with pork dumping, grilled chicken wing with BBQ sauce, seafood combo (squid, cobia steak, and prawn with fish sauce) created by the best chefs of Propeller Bar.

With many useful information about the best Singapore hotel in district 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, hopefully, visitors who come to Ho Chi Minh City, also Vietnam can find out one of the great accommodation. 

Have a nice trip!

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